I believe in a new brand advocacy where we use strength and passion to make changes throughout the country, beginning right in our own communities. 

I believe in giving YOU the tools to make a difference in YOUR community. That is why I created my FREE handbook, “5 Can’t Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice”!

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These are unprecedented times.  Never before have we seen a President with such flagrant disrespect for women and the contributions we make to our communities, and to the Nation as a whole. We cannot afford to wait for the next election, as we silence our voices with non-political politeness. Engaging in advocacy is an honorable and necessary endeavor, especially when used to advance the cause of human dignity.

Women’s rights are human rights and together we are powerful, regardless of what the system or the patriarchy wants us to believe.

Embrace your fierce, rebellious nature and nurture your wild untamed soul.
Join in the Graceful Revolution.

Sign up now for your FREE “5 Can’t Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice” handbook, CLICK HERE!

The Graceful Revolution is for women who want to be heard. Women who want their families to be respected. Women who believe they can make a difference in their communities. Women who are committed to lasting change. Women who believe they should have control over their own bodies. Women who resist the government’s effort to silence them, this revolution is for you.  

Support women with love. Stand up to the injustices that threaten the sisterhood. Join us as we lift our voices in the common belief that now is the time to get brave – get real – get raw – get revolutionary.

Annual Dinner Christy, Brandie and Me“Melissa Bird is a force of spirit, intellect and purpose. I am truly in awe of her passion for reproductive rights and remarkable ability to command a room as a speaker. These unique talents set her apart and make her an exceptional fund and people raiser.”
Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts

I am a fierce public speaker who travels around the world to talk about feminism, reproductive justice, the Graceful Revolution, and unapologetic activism. Check out my speakers reel on YouTube.

I am a writer whose words are communicated with reckless abandon, vulnerability and passion. My essays have been described as a “freight train of exquisite, gorgeous writing.” You can find the Word of the Bird at RewireKind Over Matter, and on my blog.

I am a life coach who helps women rise and express their passion by inspiring them to go out into the world and kick-ass by engaging in revolutionary acts of transformative change. Join me for coaching.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arvel says:

    Hi sweet dear one
    This is uncle Arvel.
    Just want you to know how proud I am of you. Finding your voice, standing in your personal power and leading by example. It must run in the family as your dear sister Camille is just as powerful.
    I just got out of the hospital on Friday for pancreatitis. Feeling better and i promise to be nicer to my Pancras.
    Kim and I are CO Founders and ministers at our own Center of Universal Light in Cottonwood AZ. We are like you becoming the change that we want to see in the world.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.
    Rev Arvel

    1. I love you so much! I am so glad you are feeling better. Thank you for your words! Let’s talk soon.

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