Monday Mirth

I am so excited about this kick ass life I hardly know how to express all my gratefuls for what is happening in my world.

Last Wednesday I had an essay published on Kind Over Matter, the website that I regularly credit with saving my soul when I was going through a major life transition. My essay is about finding freedom in heartbreak. In case you missed it you can check it out here. Be sure to bookmark their page, I have become a contributing writer with the KOM community and you don’t want to miss a thing!

I am overjoyed to be leading a workshop next fall at the Be Golden Conference in Bloomington, Indiana! This conference is created for people that have a dream, want to make a life change, and find a safe place to find those resources for the next big movement in their lives! Join myself, Awesomely Luvvie, Susan Hyatt, and Elliott Sailors for a weekend full of badass juicy wisdom and joy! Gold badges are on sale now, get yours before they sell out. 

I wrapped up teaching one of the greatest groups of students I have ever had the honor of educating. I know they are going to go out and change the entire trajectory of the world with their passion for social work, social justice, and advocacy for their communities. I learned so much compassion and fierce determination from these young people. This is the message I gave to them our last day of class

My wisdom of the week reminds us all to check our fear at the door. Don’t forget, time spent in fear is still time spent. 




About Melissa Bird

As a writer, professor and fiery public speaker, Dr. Melissa Bird creates the genesis for a new brand of leadership. Her words awaken revolutionaries, trailblazers and powerful innovators in the quest for justice. When she’s not building her public speaking Empire, she can be found reading trashy novels, drinking fine whiskey, playing mom to three delicious humans, and loving her punk rock scientist James Thomas Kelly.
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