Eff Sh*t Up Friday – 10 Nuggets of Revolutionary Awesome

About a month ago I was in Washington DC at the American Women’s Party Conference.

When I was there I got to connect with some of the greatest minds in activism. I learned a lot, they learned from me. I thought we would all move on with our business cards in hand and just chalk it up to another glorious networking event.

But something happened at that meeting I never expected.

Literally days later I needed the connections I made because my own family was being impacted by events that these revolutionary speakers were experts in.

In the past 3 weeks I have been learning a lot about why I have the background and training in advocacy that I do. I have learned a lot about why certain people have come into my life. I have learned that my connections run deep. And I have learned that I am a powerful mama.

I have been falling back on these 10 nuggets of revolutionary awesome a lot these last 3 weeks so I wanted to share them with you in case you ever need to advocate for the people in your own family:

  1. No one can tell our stories better than we can. –Ashlee M. Preston
    Tell your story.
  2. When women speak with authority we are told we don’t know what we are talking about. –Sarah Kendzior
    Speak with authority.
  3. We need to reshape childhood norms around expression and dominance. –Soraya Chemaly
    Honor women and girls when they speak.
  4. When we talk about men as individuals, it creates the boogeyman effect, which distracts from the system that holds men up. –Tarana Burke
    See me. Believe me. Hear me.
  5. I didn’t know anything about organizing, what I really wanted was an army of pissed off moms. –Shannon Watts
    Showing up really does work, use ALL of your mom tools.
  6. Find the tipping point that makes it impossible for us to be ignored. –Rebecca Cokley
    Don’t just be an ally – be a coconspirator.
  7. Political violence is difference towards women. It’s purpose is to depress the number of women and girls who go into politics. –Sandra Pepera
    Disempowerment, depersonalization, and othering of women is intolerable. SHOUT ABOUT IT!
  8. Pitting women against each other is how the patriarchy survives. –Melissa Bird
    The ways we find to divide ourselves keep us separated.
  9. We had an idea that drove our work and we started a social media page about it. -Every activist ever
    You don’t know what you don’t know so DO SOMETHING!
  10. Be the force for good. Change the world. Be a disruptive catalyst.
    Engage in imperfect action. Do it RIGHT NOW!

Little Girl Resistance

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Be the fire. Be the love. Eff Sh*t Up.
Dr. Melissa Bird


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