Candidates Secret Weapon Online Program

If you’re getting ready to run for office, this program is FOR YOU! It is THE NEXT STEP in your campaign and will fill you with unstoppable passion to give you everything you need to WIN!

Many of our candidates have struggled with:

  • Having a fundraising perspective that’s productive, focused, and FUN – instead they dread it and feel guilty for asking for money.
  • Staying true to their values, being authentic, and having integrity especially when they’re given lots of advice from various sources.
  • Not knowing how to let go of criticism, personal attacks, and trolls, and beat themselves up when they make mistakes.

What people are saying about the Candidates Secret Weapon:

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Clare Collard – Candidate and Activist, Utah

If I were a new candidate this information would be invaluableIt really gets you thinking about WHY you are running, a first step that many candidates miss until much later in their campaign. The confidence building was GREAT! Teaching me to itemize what I’ve accomplished was a great reminder of how much I have done and how much I can still accomplish. 

You have reinforced for me that the moral of the story is to listen to yourself, know yourself and know that you are capable of achieving anything you desire. I loved the program and would highly recommend it to anyone running for office, it is thought provoking, very useful. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Here’s what you’ll get:

6 coaching modules, worksheets, manifestos, and MORE! 

You will learn how to…

  • Define your why, create your platform, and frame/tighten your story to fully resonate with voters.
  • Conquer fears about fundraising, manage your inner critic and imposter syndrome, and create a badass confidence manifesto so you can easily raise MORE MONEY!
  • Communicate with confidence, step into leadership, and build your team, while being the real authentic you (even when you have to play politics) and operating in your integrity.
  • Stay in your power even when the criticism and negativity that come with becoming a public persona are harsh and hurtful.
  • PLUS you get email access to Melanie and Missy to ask questions and get 1:1 coaching feedback!

Sounds great, right? You can have it right now for $99!

“WOW the two of you have so much unbelievable knowledge. I love the way this program breaks things down. I really appreciate how the Candidates Secret explains things from the ground up. I adore the way Melanie & Missy interact with each other. Overall this program is amazing!”
–Tess Rabin, Director, First Ask

This training changes hearts and minds and everybody needs it!
–Carina McGee, Campaign Manager, Georgia