Candidates Secret Weapon Online Program



Are you a woman who did your Emerge/Emily’s List/She Should Run/Labor Candidates/Fill in the blank candidates training?

Are you a woman who is running for school board, city council, congress, water board, commissioner, sheriff, fill in the blank office?

Are you a woman who has a kick ass campaign staff who craves a leg up in your run towards victory?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a kickass support team to consult with to get you through your campaign?

Women who would lift you up when things are hard, keep you inspired and motivated, and help you overcome obstacles like a boss?

What would it be like for you if:

Instead of worrying about criticism, personal attacks, and trolls, you let all the negativity roll off your back?

Instead of beating yourself up when you make mistakes on camera (or in person), you focused on where you rocked?

Instead of dreading fundraising calls, you felt energized and motivated?

Sounds great, right? Luckily that’s a thing you can have right now!

Melanie and I have over 15 years combined experience working with candidates at all levels of government.

We created this program to fill the gap we have identified for women who are running or thinking of running for office.

This online class supplements your training and campaign team by helping you:

Have unwavering confidence at the podium
Raise $10,000 or more with ease
And finally, run your campaign from a space of passion and integrity

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for The Candidate’s Secret Weapon Group Coaching Program:

6 weeks of coaching and worksheets! Each week’s class is about 60 minutes. You will learn the following skill sets:

Week 1: You’ll reconnect and/or define your why, create your platform, and frame/tighten your story to fully resonate with voters.

Week 2: You’ll identify and learn to manage your fears around, determine the best method of fundraising for YOU, and create a fundraising plan to carry you forward into your campaign.

Week 3: You’ll learn to manage your inner critic and imposter syndrome, and create a badass confidence manifesto.

Week 4: You’ll learn to communicate with confidence, step into leadership, and build your team with integrity.

Week 5: You’ll learn to stay in your power even when the criticism and negativity that come with becoming a public persona are harsh, and lead with vulnerability.

Week 6: You’ll learn to be the real authentic you, even when you have to play politics and keep most people happy, while operating in your integrity.

PLUS you get email access to Melanie and Missy to ask questions and get 1:1 coaching feedback!

Cost: $997

We know this program IS THE NEXT STEP your campaign. It will fill you with activist passion, and show you how to take your formal campaign training to the next step so you can lead and WIN!

We are so excited to work with you!
What are you waiting for?
Get signed up TODAY!