The Graceful Revolution with Dr. Melissa Bird – Cottonwood, AZ 02/10/19

Dr. Bird brings to Cottonwood, AZ her new brand of advocacy where she talks about humbling ourselves to our shortcomings so that we can engage in acts of graceful revolution that bring light to the true reality of people’s lives. Through story telling and conversation, Dr. Bird will walk us through how to engage people in their own spaces, teach participants to look at injustices as moments that touch their own lives, and how we can learn the power structure in our communities. She will give the audience the tools to infiltrate the membrane of power so that change can take place in America. Join Dr. Bird for the Graceful Revolution.

Sun, February 10, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM MST
633 North 5th Street Cottonwood, Arizona 86326


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