Fanning the Flames: Online Social Justice Training

This do it yourself course is for you if you’re ready to BE THE CHANGE.

Are you feeling hopeless about the current political climate?
Are you desperately wanting to take inspired action and stand up for what’s right, but have no idea what to do?
Are you a woman who is craving KICK ASS community connection?
Are you a woman who desires to make lasting change in your life and your community?
Are you a woman who knows deep with in the core of your soul that NOW is your time to take action?
Fanning the Flames is an online social justice training where we fuel the fire of badassery within us to cultivate wild, delicious change in our lives and our communities. Youll learn tools and strategies you can implement right away to start effecting real change.
This workshop has taken place all across the U.S. and is now available as an online course so that you can light your own revolutionary bonfire from within the comfort of your own home.

It’s time to be the wild fire & ignite the spark!

Fanning the Flames will help you:

  • Tap into fierce, untamed, unapologetic dreams for the future
  • Develop knowledge of the power structure to engage in empowered leadership
  • Embrace your inherently rebellious nature to impact YOUR community

We cannot stay silent about what is happening in America – and across the world. I will arm you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to feel, collaborate, and create the change that this country needs.

This is THE program for Natural Born Rebels and Natural Born Rebels have one core thing in common. They know that dehumanizing others is not the way to make long lasting change. We know that it is the very action of tumbling into our rebellion that will create the shift we crave in our lives and our work.

Your investment: $97


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Module 1 “The Resistance is Female”- Helps you identify how to support other women in your community and gives you the tools to disrupt every level of government
  • Module 2 “Finding Commonalities”- Helps you get comfortable with the idea that coalition building is EASY and FUN and focuses on grassroots organizing as a woman centered activist!
  • Module 3 “Run Lady Run”- Focuses on your connection to your passion and your community so you can be successful in your pursuit of public office and helps you find resources in your own backyard to change the face of politics!
  • Module 4 “What’s your JAM?”- Explores the idea that the “personal is political” and connects it to your life and taps into your enthusiasm to create success in your activism. Nothing better than a GREAT SONG to get your feet tapping!
  • Module 5 “The Imperfect Activist”- Reminds you that there is humanity and passion on all sides and provides you with helpful resources to turn “Hell No” opponents into “Hell Yes” supporters.

How it works:

When you enroll in the course you’ll get instant access to all of the content via a swanky platform called Teachable that makes it super easy to view and download your lessons. Each module contains an intro video, a comprehensive PDF, as well as links and resources in case you want to go deeper into the topics.
Fanning the Flames (2)

What you’ll get:

  • It filters the noise by helping you focus on YOUR passion!
  • You get all the materials at one time so you can participate whenever you want. Drinking coffee in your comfy pants? Get engaged. Drinking wine in your Chanel? Get engaged.
  • It is super fun and exciting! When was the last time you got down and dirty about advocacy in a way that left you feeling empowered, focused, and inspired?
  • It breaks down barriers to activism so that you can make your OWN impact in your OWN communities.
  • It teaches you how to find and use your voice to be heard.

Change is not found in dramatic confrontation. It is found in the actions that you take because you feel deeply about what is happening in the world and you can no longer stay sitting on your hands biding your time. Your time is NOW! NOW! NOW!

We have been divinely guided to this moment. It is our time, my fellow rebels.

For just $97 you can change your corner of the world!

What people are saying:

Dr. Bird’s session Fanning The Flames made me realize my desire & strengths within me to help improve my local Chamber and government. Even though I don’t have the desire at this time be on our county council, I do know that my voice needs to be heard. She helped to reassure me that it’s good to be heard and to care.
– Deanna Peters Sutton

Attending Dr. Melissa Bird’s workshop was revelatory! I left owning a higher level of confidence in my power to influence and impact positive change in my community and the world. My business motivation changed to include political action and support as part of my ‘Why’. Choosing to be in her presence will always be a great decision!
– C. Rene Washington, CEO – cRene Coaching

Dr. Melissa Bird’s Fanning the Flames workshop is a call to action for anyone who wants to change the world. Missy is overflowing with passion, knowledge, and experience and she will invite you to find a corner of the world you’re passionate about changing. Then she’ll give you the tools to make it happen. If you have a chance to attend one of Missy’s events, you will leave fired up and ready to hit the ground running.

– Becky Drinnen, Adoptee Rights Advocate

You are a strong force and have a lot of insight into helping others find their voice. I love the interaction between you and your Fanning the Flames participants. I enjoyed the questions you ask and the conversations you start, even though I was little shy to contribute. However, because of you and your workshop I am beginning to “clear the path before me” as I get more direction and more inspiration to boost my confidence and push forward in pursuing my ideas. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are.
– Julia Jacobs, Graphic Designer for Two Tables Workshop

I doubted if I was ready for Fanning the Flames but I decided to do the workshop anyway. I realized I do have issues I care about. In fact, I have some flames to fan. I would highly recommend Fanning the Flames to women because I think it’s important for women to have a supportive environment so they can identify that they are ready to make a change. Women don’t even have to be “ready” to get something out of it. It is great!
– Kris McDuffie

Your enthusiasm and encouragement is the best part of being at your workshop. The fact that you are REAL and can speak us based on your life experiences is the most helpful thing to someone seeking guidance. Your positive attitude can really set a light under someone to actually DO something they think is important for them and their community.
– Desiree Senechal

I love your enthusiasm and would recommend Fanning the Flames anytime to anyone.  I really like the visuals, the gifts, the food and the participants and was pleased to be reminded how much stronger women are when sharing. YOU ARE ONE INCREDIBLE POWERFUL WOMAN! Thank you for your work, I am so glad you came into my life!
– Phyllis Mix

“Melissa Bird’s ‘Fanning The Flames’ workshop that she brought to Novi, MI in April did a lot to set my soul on fire. It gave me the resolve to get off my ass and do the things I need to do to make my business (campaign management) a viable business. In the 6 weeks after the program, I’ve signed a total of SEVEN campaigns to manage, I’ve brought on a partner to handle aspects of the business, and we’re setting our sights on a strategic partnership with a marketing company for 2022 campaigns and beyond with the focus on flipping more seats at the state level to progressive women holding them. This has been burning in my soul for 3 years and after the workshop, I brought it to life. And I’m damned proud of myself!”
Dana Fortier, Kick-Ass Campaign Manager, Encompass Campaign Management

“I so enjoyed your workshop. It stopped my busy brain to think about my purpose here on this earth. I am continuing to process where to focus my time to allow my heart to sing. I would recommend you and your program to anyone. Thanks again for the motivation and awareness.”
Kelly Pollette, Owner, Wandering Gardens