Fanning the Flames Workshop – Salt Lake City 03/30/19

Dr. Bird’s session Fanning The Flames made me realize my desire & strengths within me to help improve my local Chamber and government. Even though I don’t have the desire at this time be on our county council, I do know that my voice needs to be heard. She helped to reassure me that it’s good to be heard and to care.
-Deanna Peters Sutton

Please join Dr. Melissa Bird and our amazing sponsors for this INCREDIBLE advocacy and empowerment training in Salt Lake City on March 30!

When: March 30, 2019.
Where: Meet Me On 33rd 1565 3300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
Cost: $40.00

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Fanning the Flames is part discourse, part creation where we fuel the fire of badassery within us to cultivate wild, delicious change in our lives and our communities.

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Tap into fierce, untamed, unapologetic dreams for the future
  • Develop knowledge of the power structure to engage in empowered leadership
  • Embrace their inherently rebellious nature to impact their communities


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Attending Dr. Melissa Bird’s workshop was revelatory! I left owning a higher level of confidence in my power to influence and impact positive change in my community and the world. My business motivation changed to include political action and support as part of my ‘Why’.
Choosing to be in her presence will always be a great decision!
-C. Rene Washington, CEO – cRene Coaching