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The”5 Can’t Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice” handbook has everything you need to start tapping into your passion to make a difference in your life and your community.

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Raves about Dr. Melissa Bird:

“Working with Dr. Melissa Bird’s was revelatory! I left owning a higher level of confidence in my power to influence and impact positive change in my community and the world. My business motivation changed to include political action and support as part of my ‘Why’.
Choosing to be in her presence will always be a great decision!”
-C. Rene Washington, CEO – cRene Coaching

“She straps a parachute on you, teaches you how to pull the string, looks you straight in the eyes, and away you go! Melissa Bird is a brilliant woman who articulates masterfully with her heart, mind, and soul. She selflessly guides you to the answers that are already within. Then, without fan fare, her powerful affirmation evaporates any tentativeness and you are left with rock solid confidence. No one walks away from Melissa – you float.”
Michelle Duman, Business Woman