Marginalized No More – Social Justice Online Training

We cannot stay silent about what is happening in America.

Marginalized No More is a result of the gathering, gleaning, editing, absorbing, writing, composing, and reclaiming of resources so that the graceful revolution can be launched.

Marginalized No More is a program so fierce, so brave, so lit with possibility that its effects will change the course of history in this Nation and maybe even the world.

Melanie Childers of The Enlightened Badass says:

Marginalized No More is an ass kicking inspiration for women who want to use their voices to affect change, rise, and lead. Melissa Bird’s incredibly valuable insight into activism works in conjunction with her candor to provide a wide breadth of information in an easily digestible format. If you feel like your voice doesn’t matter or you don’t know how to effect change, get this course. Stop treading water. Swim.

Marginalized No More is magic and all yours for just $39. Come join the graceful revolution.

In your own space, on your own terms, your reclamation is just one click away!

Marci Harris of Salt Lake City, UT says:

This is really, really good! It was cohesive and told a story. I liked the To Do’s and Take Actions…they were all reasonable things for someone to do. Even I would do most of them, which is really saying something! Really, really good job!

For just $39 you get all this magic directly to your inbox!

Module 1 “The Resistance is Female”- Helps you identify how to support other women in your community and gives you the tools to disrupt every level of government

Module 2 “Finding Commonalities”- Helps you get comfortable with the idea that coalition building is EASY and FUN and focuses on grassroots organizing as a woman centered activist!

Module 3 “Run Lady Run”- Focuses on your connection to your passion and your community so you can be successful in your pursuit of public office and helps you find resources in your own backyard to change the face of politics.

Module 4 “What’s your JAM?”- Explores the idea that the “personal is political” and connects it to your life and taps into your enthusiasm to create success in your activism. Nothing better than a GREAT SONG to get your feet tapping!

Module 5 “The Imperfect Activist”- Reminds you that there is humanity and passion on all sides and provides you with helpful resources to turn “Hell No” opponents into “Hell Yes” supporters.

Here’s why you will love this amazing $39 program:

  • It filters the noise by helping you focus on YOUR passion!
  • You get all the materials at one time so you can participate whenever you want. Drinking coffee in your comfy pants? Get engaged. Drinking wine in your Chanel? Get engaged.
  • It is super fun and exciting! When was the last time two insanely passionate and intelligent Doctors got down and dirty with you about politics in a way that left you feeling empowered, focused, and inspired?
  • It breaks down barriers to activism so that you can make your OWN impact in your OWN communities.
  • It teaches you how to find and use your voice to be heard.

Buy Marginalized No More for just $39 TODAY