Marginalized No More

For the last 6 weeks I have been pursuing my magic.

I have been gathering, gleaning, editing, absorbing, writing, composing, and reclaiming so that the graceful revolution can be launched.
I have been collaborating, listening, praying, giggling, crying, whooping in joy so that I can build a movement that women throughout the nation can become a part of by calling deep upon their passion to change their world.
I have tapped into my dreams of synchronous collusion and conspired with Briana Rose Morgan to launch a program so fierce, so brave, so lit with possibility that I know deep down in my soul that its effects will change the course of history in this Nation and maybe even the world.
Marginalized No More is my magic. And it can be yours too. Come join the graceful revolution. In your own space, on your own terms, your reclamation is just one click away!
“The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives. It is within this light that we form those ideas by which we pursue our magic and make it realized.” -Audre Lorde, Poetry is Not a Luxury
Have you felt like politics is overwhelming? Have you felt like nothing you do matters because so much needs to change? Do you know that you want to do something to better your life and your community but aren’t sure where to get started? Marginalized No More is for you. 
When you purchase Marginalized No More you will receive 5 workbooks and videos that will leave you feeling inspired to make a difference, focused on your passion to change your community, and empowered to take action.
Here’s the DEETS:

Module 1 “The Resistance is Female”-
Helps you identify how to support other women in your community and gives you the tools to disrupt every level of government

Module 2 “Finding Commonalities”- Helps you get comfortable with the idea that coalition building is EASY and FUN and focuses on grassroots organizing as a woman centered activity

Module 3 “Run Lady Run”- Focuses on your connection to your passion and your community so you can be successful in your pursuit of public office and helps you find resources in your own backyard to change the face of politics

Module 4 “What’s your JAM?”- Explores the idea that the “personal is political” and connects it to your life and taps into your enthusiasm to create success in your activism

Module 5 “The Imperfect Activist”- Reminds you that there is humanity and passion on all sides and provides you with helpful resources to turn “Hell No” opponents into “Hell Yes” supporters

Here’s why you will love this program:

  • It filters the noise by helping you focus on your own passion so that you are excited, not stressed about politics.
  • You get all the materials at one time so you can participate whenever you want; however you want. Whether you are drinking coffee in your comfy pants or wine in your Chanel, the workbooks and videos can be watched anywhere you want…on your timeline.
  • It is super fun and exciting. When was the last time two insanely passionate and intelligent Doctors got down and dirty with you about politics in a way that left you feeling empowered, focused, and inspired? Never? Ya, us neither! That is why we created something that would leave you feeling joyful and ready to take action.
  • It breaks down barriers to activism so that you can make your OWN impact in your OWN communities.
  • It teaches you how to find and use your voice to be heard.
Marginalized No More is yours for just $250. It includes five, multimedia training modules that will educate and empower you to take action for changing your life and your community. Buy yours today.