This is not the time for playing it safe. This is the time to pull out the big guns in our lives and in our politics. Advocacy is not just about changing your community, it is also about changing your own life. Give yourself the gift of badass coaching with Dr. Melissa Bird. Click HERE for more information!
Marginalized No More

Marginalized No More is an online program so fierce, so brave, so lit with possibility that I know deep down in my soul that its effects will change the course of history in this Nation and maybe even the world. Come join the graceful revolution. Click HERE for more information!

Candidates Secret Weapon
Are you one of the fierce kick ass women who is running for office in the next 2 years?Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a kickass support team? Women who would lift you up when things are hard, keep you inspired and motivated, and help you overcome obstacles like a boss? Click HERE for more information!

Public Speaking
You can hire me to speak at corporate leadership conferences, women’s conferences, commencement addresses, political and nonprofit fundraising events, and for motivational speaking. I can tailor my speaking to your audience.

To discuss our partnership in your next extraordinary event and for rate information please contact me at:
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @birdgirl1001



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