Fanning the Flames Online Social Justice Training

Fanning the Flames is an online social justice training where we fuel the fire of badassery within us to cultivate wild, delicious change in our lives and our communities. Youll learn tools and strategies you can implement right away to start effecting real change.
This workshop has taken place all across the U.S. and is now available as an online course so that you can light your own revolutionary bonfire from within the comfort of your own home.
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I became an advocacy coach because I fundamentally believe in the power of informed and collective voices. Throughout our history movements began with one extraordinary act of living. Each moment of uncommon and elegant defiance, unknowingly whispered sparks of a revolution to a people fatigued by oppression. Those first flames are the ancestors to Advocacy; they told their stories and challenged others to join them. Those warriors changed the course of history.

Because of them, today we live in a more fair, just, and equal society. While we have made remarkable advances in human rights and dignity thanks to the badasses who led a rebellion, we owe it to them, ourselves, and our futures, to pick up our torches, join the resistance, and burn down the remnants of oppression, until its last house is reduced to ashes on the ground.  

My unique coaching style is founded in trusted feminist principles that aim to dismantle oppression. I work with each client to tap into their core passions to help them speak their truth as they change themselves and their communities.

I create customized coaching plans for each client that:

  • Account for your busy life
  • Encourage imperfection as a launching pad for change
  • Cultivate your story
  • Keep you excited through consistent, personal communication

These principles are effectively designed to deliver meaningful results so you can make lasting change in your life and your community.

If you aren’t sure if having an advocacy coach is right for you, and you just want to give it a try before you make a commitment, email me and let’s schedule a free 45 minute call to see if we connect.

Public Speaking

I believe in the power of telling our own stories.  By sharing our lived experiences we join the ranks radical trailblazers who refused to be defined by the limits of old dogmas and tired oppressors. In a world that feels disconnected, the true revolution lies in connection with others. I am humbled as I travel across our magnificent country, speaking to fellow revolutionaries and leaders, as we stand on the frontlines of our Graceful Revolution.

Advocacy is about engaging in acts that bring about sustainable social justice to improve communities for future generations. Building upon this foundational principle, my speeches accomplish the following goals:

  • Connection with the audience by telling my story of leadership, passion, and imperfection
  • Creation of hope and tangible action by telling stories of difficulty, chaos and change
  • Energizing the audience to connect to their core passions to identify how they can be a person of calling, purpose and destiny
  • Fostering the creation of change in individual lives and communities by encouraging courageous action

Women's March Speech 1Words assume life’s beauty when spoken for the common good. My passion for advocacy makes it easy to lend my voice to organizations committed to the causes I believe in, to raise money needed to continue our fight for freedom, and to build leaders who are driven by the boldness to make change in leadership and politics. I speak to create a new generation of advocates who are focused on change, are creators and participants in difficult conversations, are willing to share their uncommon stories, and are working to dismantle oppression in all its forms.


I am a natural born, brilliant writer whose moxie comes on strong and leaves you riveted until you think you can’t take anymore. My writing is raw and unfiltered to say the least. I write as if any moment I will whip out my soap box and move a group of people into a frenzy of brave, commanding energy.

Truthful writing encourages self discovery, to eliminate fear and realize full potential.. Writing with purpose unlocks the burdens of time, which allows me to revisit the complicated moments that have almost been forgotten, and dream of a future where everything is possible. Writing with conviction summons the power to create the life I deserve, to acknowledge the value of my contribution, and in all things be grateful for my faith, my fierceness, and my family.


Candidates Secret Weapon Online Coaching Program for Women Running for Office

Are you one of the fierce kick ass women who is running for office in the next 2 years?Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a kickass support team? Women who would lift you up when things are hard, keep you inspired and motivated, and help you overcome obstacles like a boss? We have a special class starting June, 13, 2018! Click HERE for more information! Click HERE to sign up!


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