Rebel School

Are you a Natural Born Rebel?

A few weeks ago my friend Susie watched a sermon I gave in Cottonwood, AZ. She said, “Damn girl, what you have to give is not only for those seeking social justice. It’s for all of us wanting to plant our energetic flags, take a stance, and become the leaders of our own lives.”

I thought a lot about what Susie said. I marinated in it and then I got on a plane. When I was on that plane I wrote 20 pages of magic about what it means to be a Natural Born Rebel and from there Rebel School was born.

Rebel School is an online space where I will teach you how to create trouble in the good way. It is a space for innovators, change makers, outcasts. You know – the ones like you.

I only accept 10 people into Rebel School, so don’t delay in applying today!

To fill out an application please email my assistant Sarah Starrs at

Once you have sent your application in, I will schedule a quick call with you to talk about your application and make sure this is a good fit!

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What is Rebel School?

This is how Rebel School changes your life:

  • You get tools to heal the hurt of being labeled the outcast
  • Innovative skills to help you re(discover) your voice
  • A plan to help you find and align with your personal mission
  • Access to local experts in your area who can help you realize your purpose
  • Clarity on how to create and maintain boundaries

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Here’s the deets!

Rebel School is a 3 month package that includes:

  • 12 weeks/6 sessions
  • 3 1:1 coaching sessions with me
  • Online using Zoom
  • Messaging support for 3 months

Email my assistant Sarah with your application.
In your email let her know:

1.What your biggest struggle is right now.
2.What you have tried to take action on that hasn’t worked.
3.What you hope happens as a result of this group experience

Don’t miss out on this AMAZEBALLS opportunity to get started in Rebel School!

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One last thing.

Rebel School Costs $2400
Realize your purpose and re(discover) your voice! Apply today!
Email my assistant Sarah Starrs at