The Graceful Revolution Group Coaching Program


“I was all fired up after seeing you live and then I got home and went back into self doubt wondering whether I could really pull this off.”

That is why I created a this AMAZEBALLS group program called The Graceful Revolution.

This exclusive group program helps you find your voice to change your lives and your communities.

The Graceful Revolution gives you:

  • A tool kit customized to your community
  • Innovative skills to get you marching and inspired
  • A plan to help you build your own soapbox
  • Access to local experts who can help you realize your mission

I only take 10 people into this program, so don’t delay in applying today!

To fill out an application please email my assistant Sarah Starrs at

In your email let her know:

  1. What your biggest struggle is right now.
  2. What you have tried to take action on that hasn’t worked.
  3. What you hope happens as a result of this group experience.

In this program you learn a 6 step process through:

  • 12 weeks/6 sessions
  • 2 1:1 coaching sessions with me
  • Online using Zoom
  • Messaging support for 3 months

You have been called to this work, the world isn’t going to wait for you!
Join the revolution!

With space limited to 10 people The Graceful Revolution fills up FAST!
Don’t delay in getting your application in right away!
Email my assistant Sarah Starrs at


One last thing.

The Graceful Revolution Costs $1200
Tap into your fierce, passionate drive to make change!
Email my assistant Sarah Starrs at