The Helping Professionals Graceful Revolution

Are you a person in the helping profession?
Are you experiencing burnout and feeling the effects of secondary trauma?
Do you feel completely paralyzed by not being able to make a change in a broken

As someone who educates social workers, one thing I keep hearing over and over again
is, “I was all fired up to do this work and now I am just tired of everything. I feel totally
incapable of changing the system and helping my clients is becoming a chore. I want to
feel alive in my work again.”

I believe that we all have the power to shift how we feel about our work. That is why I
have created a special group program called The Helping Professionals Graceful

This exclusive group program is the next step in finding your voice to change your lives
and your communities.

The Helping Professionals Graceful Revolution is about knowing that you aren’t alone
and blowing our own minds about what we can accomplish when we work together as a
Using my experience, leadership skills, and divine guidance I will lead you through three
months of transformation and skills building that will help you kick ass in your daily life.

I am only taking 10 people into this program, which starts April 9, so don’t delay in
applying today!

To fill out an application please email my assistant Sarah Starrs

In your email let her know:

1.     What your biggest struggle is right now.
2.     What you have tried to take action on that hasn’t worked.
3.     What you hope happens as a result of this group experience.

This group program is:

12 weeks/6 sessions
Online using Zoom
Tuesday Nights

We start on April 9!
With space limited to 10 people The Helping Professionals Graceful Revolution is going
to fill up FAST!
Don’t delay in getting your application in right away!

Email my assistant Sarah Starrs at

Once you have sent your application in, I will schedule a quick call with you to talk about
your application and whether it is a good fit!

The Helping Professionals Graceful Revolution gives you:

      A tool kit customized to your community
      Innovative skills to get you marching and inspired
      A plan to help you build your own soapbox
      Access to local experts in your area who can help you realize your mission

Together we will tackle your burnout, kick your action paralysis to the curb, and tap into
your passion to change your community.

Apply today! Email Sarah Starrs at